In Honor Of…

Why triathlons, marathons, and century rides?

There are so many reasons, and the names listed in the table below are just a few. I train in honor of my friend Jan, in memory of my Uncle Kenny, my grandfather, my great aunt, my friends Robb and Jeff, and the long list of others who have battled cancer. If you would like me to train in honor or memory of someone, please add their name in the comments section below.

Jan Riggs survivor, multiple myeloma
Kenny Vinograd in memory (CMML, June 2, 2008)
Jude Anderson survivor, leukemia
Alex Stuetze in memory (lymphoma, October 19, 2006)
Jon Bart survivor, lymphoma
Gabbi Martin survivor, in remission from acute lymphocytic leukemia
Daniela Garcia survivor, receiving treatment for histiocytosis
Carlos Valencia in memory (leukemia, 2004)
Arthur Vinograd in memory (Hodgkin’s disease, 1959)
Ruth Vinograd in memory (lymphoma, 1995)
Jeffrey Valentino
in memory (esophageal cancer, 2002)
Alana Birchim
in memory (leukemia, 2001)
Steve Goodman
in memory (leukemia, 1984)
Kate Wolf
in memory (leukemia, 1986)
Gene Espinoza survivor, Hodgkin’s disease
Michael Fujimoto
in memory (aplastic anemia, 1980)
in memory (cancer)
Karen Collins
in memory (cancer)
Lillian Aiello
In memory
Sherry Brown
in memory (cancer, age 7)
Joel Zopletal
survivor, in remission from cancer
Fran Perry
in memory (cancer)
Diane Dhruv
in memory (cancer)
Brooke Gebow
survivor, breast cancer
Nancy Zisook
survivor, breast cancer
D.J. Herbert
Lisa Harris in memory (breast cancer, April 8, 2007)
Tom Peterson in memory (leukemia, 2005)
Scott Lee in memory (feline leukemia, 2005)
Lina DiGregorio survivor, lymphoma
Gloria M. Harris in memory (acute myelogenous leukemia, 1999)
Milford Harris in memory (blood cancer)
Lillian Houser survivor, receiving treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Howard Friday in memory (lymphoma, May 6, 2008)
Karson Walters survivor, acute myelogenous leukemia
Clara M. Drobka in memory (leukemia, 2003)
Fredric Green in memory
Chris Bonham 10-year survivor, currently receiving treatment for a recurrence
Amy Gery in memory (breast cancer, 2008)
Aunt Mary Valentino In memory
Major Connelly
Cousin John
Yvonne Dodd in memory (cancer, 2008)
Robb Milacci in memory (brain tumor, February 13, 2009)
Ruthie Hast Polk in memory (leukemia, July 25, 2009)
Susan Holt Dewyar survivor, in remission from thyroid cancer
Sandra Yue in memory (LGL leukemia, February 2010)
Uncle Sal In memory
Peter Cade In honor
David Sitton In memory, August 2013
Larry Deal In memory
Dave Sitton In memory
Peter Cade in memory (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, July 1, 2014)
Uncle Sal In memory
Karl In memory (multiple myeloma)

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