Thank You

Thank you for your generous support!

  1. Diane Drobka
  2. Matt Pelikan
  3. Donna P. and Caryl L.

2 thoughts on “Thank You

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  2. hi jennie. finally getting around to setting up my website for the new york rock and roll 1/2 marathon. the race i’m doing in lieu of the one I failed to train for last Fall. am up to where my base run is 6-7 miles (and enjoying it!), so am confident I can do 13.1 by March, the date of the race. raising $1700 is likely to be harder, though maybe not when everyone in the geology and geophysics department finds out that mark pagani has cancer. question: who are all the people on this long list? are they people in whose names others have donated? hope I can count on you for help and suggestions going forward…. best/Eric

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